It’s that time again, Baltibrewers. Hard to believe it’s already the third week in September, but this means it’s time to meet at Nepenthe Homebrew at 8 p.m. tomorrow. 

Of key importance to this meeting is Chilibrew, so that will likely take up most of room on the agenda. In fact, our Ed Czars have given us all a break from class so we can focus on preparing for our Beer Week Final Exams.
So quickly, here’s what we’ll be talking about:
  • Chilibrew Chilibrew Chilibrew
  • Gruit Comp
  • General Beer Week Preparedness
  • Guild Notes (if any)
  • November Mead Day in White Hall
As usual, bring beer to share, and a chair.
Hope to see many of you there.

August 2014 Minutes

August 2014 Minutes


July 2014 Minutes

July 2014 Minutes


Howdy Brewing pals This thursday is our July 2014 regular meeting.  We hope you can make it.  8PM at Nepenthe, per usual. Please bring a chair and brew to share.

  • Mashout - aka – the most kegs of homebrew i’ve seen in MD in one weekend
  • Next brew - July was busy, lets brew in august or september…discuss.
  • Chilibrew - subcommittee will touch on progress…short version
  • Educational Segment - someone last meeting (can’t remember) mentioned a tasting (please email  baltibrew@gmail.com)

Hope to see you there…


June 2014 Meeting Minutes

June 2014 Minutes


This is our first attempt to use the voting system under the members only functionality resultant of your paid dues. Please report any issues you have to baltibrew at gmail.com — thanks.

Per last night’s meeting, we’ll be voting whether to use a portion of club funds to aid in our support of Sour Hour at this year’s MashOut event. The proposed level of MashOut Funding is $100 to be used to purchase breads, cheeses, and charcuterie to accompany sour ales during Baltibrew member, Jason Heinen’s presentation at the opening of the event.

As stated during the meeting, this is an opportunity to showcase Baltibrew’s commitment to experimentation, and quality beer making on a wider stage as clubs from surrounding states attend the event.

Please vote one time only.

Should Baltibrew contribute club funds to Sour Hour

  • Yes (100%, 8 Votes)
  • No (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 8

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panoramic photo of Nepenthe Homebrew's interior

Baltibrew’s June meeting takes place tonight (6/19/2014) at Nepenthe Homebrew. We want to extend a giant thank you and welcome back to our gracious hosts. It’s been a long month and a half without our clubhouse, much less a place to pick up supplies. So what’s everyone’s first brew going to be?


  1. Big thanks, and congratulations to Nepenthe on their reopening (and a big pat on our own backs for canceling our Big Brew plans, and helping them clean out the store).
  2. Guild Picnic wrap up.
  3. Mashout — and more specifically, Baltibrew’s involvement in Sour Hour (Jason and Detter to lead discussion).
  4. July Brew with Killer Ales (Subcommittee to discuss details)
  5. Waverly Main Street partnership opportunity (8/30 event)
  6. Baltimore Beer Week 2014
    • Chilibrew 8
    • Gruit Comp
    • Any other events?
  7. Ed Topic: Yeast Starters (Gibbs)
  8. Floor to club members for open discussion/new business
  9. Sharing of the homebrew!

If you’d like to see anything added to the agenda, comment on this post or email baltibrew at gmail.com.


May 2014 Meeting Minutes

May 2014 Minutes


Big news this go-round:

photo of the flood at Nepenthe/Meadow MillAs many of you know, Nepenthe was operationally destroyed by floods on the Jones Falls the first week in May. Graciously, Baltibrew, Lady Brew, and Brewtherville Labs put aside their Big Brew plans to aid in cleaning up the store, which remains closed, and in a state of repair.

As such, we’ll be meeting at Blue Pit BBQ (1601 Union Ave.) at 8 p.m. this Thursday (5/15) instead of our usual spot. Blue Pit is across the street from Artifact Coffee, and a stone’s throw from Nepenthe.

One key thing to note about this meeting — NO HOMEBREW this go-round, please. Let’s support Blue Pit for supporting us, and for supporting Nepenthe. We’ll get back to sharing our own once we’re back at our normal location.

On the agenda:

  • Proposal to roll our Big Brew brewers into a July brew with Killer Ales (creation of subcommittee to support July brew)
  • Details on various fundraising events to aid Nepenthe’s recovery
  • Guild notes from Steve Hulbert
  • Guild Summer Picnic, and wheat beer competition details (We’ve won this a couple years in a row, it’d be nice to continue doing so)
  • Ed Topic: Open Q&A session led by Greg Apker and Jonathan Gibbs
  • Eating Blue Pit’s excellent Reuben sandwich



April 2014 Minutes