September Meeting Minutes

  1. Chilibrew Update!
    • Chilibrew is a go on Friday, October 13th!  Competitor spots are closed.  Anyone interested in purchasing a ticket should visit the Eventbrite page (  Volunteer signups are also happening through the Eventbrite page.  There's a Free Volunteer Ticket option.  Ciaran will contact anyone who grabs one of those tickets with information on the volunteer schedule.
  2. Chilibrew Baltibrew Table/Where's Our Jockey Boxes?!
    • The jockey boxes are at Nepethene.  Nepethene has been servicing the boxes and plans to use them for an event the day after Chilibrew.  There was some discussion about moving off of dual-ownership of the jockey boxes.  That was tabled in favor of finding a near term solution for Beer Week that would work for both events. Christoph secured Justin's 4 way jockey box for the BaltiBrew table.  Ciaran is going to check for the box of fittings to see what options we have for hookups.  Blair stopped by Jacob's and brought the banners to the meeting, which Kris completely forgot to take home.
  3. Baltimore Beer Week Happenings!
    • Scott and Blair are coordinating with Barry for the Learn to Brew event at The Brass Tap.  They are starting at noon on Sunday, October 15th.  Plan is to brew a small batch outside the bar.  Anyone with a mobile setup feel free to brew along with them.  If you're free, please stop by to have a pint and talk shop.Nepenthe is hosting their yeast tasting classes during Beer Week.  Tickets are available for purchase at
    • Little Havana is having their homebrew competition on October 18th.  Information at
  4. October Brew Event!

    • Jacob is working with Baugher's farm in Westminster to get an event going in late October.  More details to follow as information on their apple crop comes forward.  Bring a carboy and fill with pasteurized or unpasteurized cider.
  5. Social Event Updates!

  6. Guild Notes
    • The Guild is finalizing nominations for charities that will receive proceeds from the Christmas party. Jude feels strongly that AmeriCares, a non-profit providing front line support to the devastated areas including those areas impacted by the recent hurricanes, is worthy of support.  The guild generally prefers local charities.  There will be a vote of some kind in the near future and they are soliciting nominations.  Jude would like the clubs support in recommending AmeriCares.  More information will follow, per Jude.  Full guild minutes are attached.
  7. Announcements!
    • Per Nate, Dan is interested in doing a homebrew competition with the South Baltimore VFW through Wiley Gunters.  Perhaps something in late November/Early December when there is a lull in competitions.The Iron Brewer ingredient for next month is apples.   No one is sure of participation.
  8. Ed Topic - Kettle Sours feat/ Blair's Boysenberry Berliner-Weisse!
    • Blair talked about his experience building a lacto starter from uncrushed grain using the method Stephen Hulbert showed him.  He compared it to his experience using other sources of a lacto.  He brought a finished example for tasting.  Spoiler, it was delicious.
  9. Homebrew Swap!